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The dimensions in the above menu list the woodcut according to the size frame that I customarily frame them in.

Actual image dimensions are somewhat smaller. For example, in the 12x16 - 16x20 range, the mat is around 2" on each side. Therefore, the actual image dimensions of a "12x16", for example would calculated thusly: 2 sides at 2" each equals 4" so 12-4 being 8", and 16-4 = 12 which comes out to be 8x12. Hold on though, because we are not quite done yet. There is around 3/16th's of an inch whitespace between the mat and the artwork, and twice that being 3⁄8th's", the actual image dimensions of a "12x16" turn out to be appx. 11 5⁄8th's" by 7 5⁄8th's"

Listing the dimensions for each image on the page that it sits on is being worked on, but it takes time.


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